Employee insurance

People are the most important part of organizations. For this reason, Oller Business Insurance Brokers help company human resource departments to find the best insurance solutions to protect employees and their families.

Modalities of employee insurance

Collective life insurance

Covers payment of the insured capital in the case of bodily injury or death of the insured due to any cause.

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Collective accident insurance

Compensates the insured or the beneficiary in the case of a bodily injury caused by a sudden accident not intended by the insured.

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Collective health insurance

Medical insurance covering primary healthcare, general medicine, paediatrics, gynaecology, specialists, medical hospitalization and surgery.

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Ex-patriate insurance

Aimed at companies that have employees in foreign countries. It covers medical costs, free election of health professionals and complete repayment for hospitalization of the employee or their family. Read more

Savings and pensions insurance

Saving plans with an insurance whose objective is to complement the retirement pension. When the moment comes the money invested is paid plus the yield from these savings.

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Travel assistance insurance

Designed to cover the needs of professionals that travel abroad. It is designed to guarantee medical assistance, luggage coverage and other services in other countries.

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Key man insurance

Aimed at insuring key employees of a company. It is a life insurance policy in favour of the company. The objective is to mitigate the impact of the loss of knowledge in the case of death of the key person.

Kidnapping insurance

Repayment of costs to the insured arising from the kidnapping, extorsion or illegal detention during transport. The policy offers assistance for crisis management.

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