Insurance for damage to assets

Insurance policies against property damages aim to protect the property of companies and guarantee that the business continues in the case of incidents.

Types of insurance:

All-risk property damages insurance

covers material damages for the insured company and guarantees the continuation of activities in the case of incidents. The damage or material losses of the insured property will be paid unless they are excluded.

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Multi-risk business insurance

Like the all-risk property damages coverage, this policy covers material damages to the company. However, in this case the compensation is only paid if the particular situation of the losses caused are specifically contracted in the conditions of the policy.

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Insurance for machine failure

Compensation for damages suffered to all types of machines or industrial installations. It covers all events that can occur to machinery except those expressly excluded in the insurance policy.

Insurance for family offices

We are specialists in advising family offices on how to insure its properties.

Agricultural insurance

Aimed to cover damages of companies dedicated to agriculture, aquiculture, forestry and animal farms.
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Transport insurance

Offers worldwide cover for merchandise in transit. It is aimed at buyers and vendors of merchandise, intermediaries, transport companies, porters, exhibition organizers and owners of artworks.

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Insurance for vehicle fleets

Aimed at companies with more than 10 vehicles. A fleet insurance improves the costs of insurance and simplifies management.
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Insurance for cancellation of shows and other eventualities

Aimed at companies that organize, promote or sponsor events, this insurance covers the cancellation, temporary interruption and suspension or postponement of shows, sporting competitions, cultural events, fairs, parties and other celebrations due to unforeseen causes.

Service for assets insurance

We have more than 50 years’ experience in property damages insurance. For insurance for material damage it is important that the assets are correctly valued and are annually updated and that the optimal guarantees are contracted according to the circumstances of each company.

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