Business liability insurance

Liability insurance for companies is aimed at anybody undertaking business activities as it covers claims for material or personal damages as a consequence of the said activity, according to the different levels of cover detailed below.

Most important liability coverage types for companies

Operations liability:

Covers claims from third parties for material or personal damages and their consequences arising from the activity of the business.

Employer liability

Claims for personal damages and their consequences from accidents at work for which the company is liable.

Product and services liability

Material and or personal damages and their consequences when caused by the products manufactured, marketed, or distributed or works carried out, or services provided by the company insured. Depending on the product the cover includes; products derived from joining or integrating components, incorporation of the product or withdrawal of the product.

Direct property damage

Damage caused to property of third parties that is not the consequence of personal or material damage and results from an accidental event that is covered.

Disassembly and assembly costs

Labour costs of third parties for the disassembly and assembly or defective products of the insured company, and those caused by the placing, installation or assembly of other non-defective products of the same insured company.

What events can activate the corporate liability policy?

  • A catering company receives a claim from an art gallery because during an event a waiter dropped a bottle of wine on a rug. The art gallery sues the catering company for the damage caused.
  • An advertising agency contracts a model to pose for a catalogue. The model slips on a recently washed floor in the bathroom and breaks a leg and is therefore unable to work on the runway in Paris. The model sues the agency for damages. 
  • During the installation of a ventilator in a client’s factory by an industrial ventilator company the electrical mains switchboard is broken. The client sues the company for the two days that the factory is at a standstill.

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