Savings, retirement and pensions

Savings plans are aimed at:

  • A company that wants to offer its employees savings tools, or externalize their pensions commitments for their employees.
  • Families and individual people who wish to have a tailored savings plan so that when the moment for a person’s retirement arrives, they are able to maintain their quality of life although they are no longer working.

Modalities for savings plans

Pensions plan

It is a savings insurance whose objective is to complement the retirement pension. With a pensions plan, when the moment for retirement arrives, as well as receiving the state pension the insured will receive the money invested in his or her plan and the interest from such an investment.

Retirement plan

Its function is the same as a pensions plan but the tax treatment is different.

Retirement plan
Advantages Disadvantages
Liquidity: the insured can recuperate the money at any moment, although he or she must pay the cost of the process. Taxes will be paid periodically through the tax declaration.
Once received the total amount of money, it won’t be necessary to pay taxes for it, just for the interests generated. Less profitability.
Pensions plan
Advantages Disadvantages
Better profitability and more diversity in function of our economic characteristics and the risk profile. Low liquidity. In case of very specific exceptions money can be collected before retirement.
Taxation: Eligible for a reduction on pay as you earn rates (IRPF). Annuities are considered as earnings and are taxable in consecutive tax declarations IRPF.
Different modalities in function of the risk to assume.

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